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Do you have any sensitivity or pain problem in your tooth, or looking for the Best RCT Clinic in Nangloi, West Delhi? If yes then undoubtedly you have reached the perfect destination i.e. BEST O CARE DENTAL CLINIC NANGLOI, it is a top RCT Dental Clinic in Nangloi that gives you awesome solutions and dentist at this clinic often strives to protect your natural tooth too. Before going for the RCT treatment you must know what exactly RCT is. Well, RCT commonly known as Root Canal Treatment is the process started when tooth decay touches the pulp that later gives you more pain. Sometimes many patients lose their teeth due to a lack of guidance but teeth can be protected once you have consulted the best RCT dental clinic.

Best Root Canal Treatment(RCT) Clinic in Nangloi

What Is Root Canal Treatment (RCT)? You all need to know

Root Canal Treatment is also called RCT, the best way to treat your decay teeth to pull out infected pulp. However, RCT can be done in many phases as these are given below.

  1. Single Sitting
  2. Multiple Sittings

Symptoms that can cause RCT treatment

# One of the most common symptoms of the RCT treatment is a toothache. The pain range can be identified from mild to high. With time it may worsen, and you will feel the pain even when you bite your food even something touches your teeth or infected pulp.

# In other circumstances, one who can feel sensation while chewing meals. If you feel sensations in your tooth during consuming hot or cold, then promptly you need to go for the RCT treatment.

#Swelling in the gums can also be sign of Root Canal Treatment.

The important procedures that involve in RCT Treatment

  • Removal of inflamed or infected tooth material
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Filling and sealing with an inert material
  • Restoration and crown/cap
  • It is a multi-step procedure and may require multiple sittings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the timing of RCT Treatment at Best O Care Dental Clinic, Nangloi?

Ans. Well, in the morning from 10AM to 2PM you can visit our clinic for the RCT treatment.

Q. What is the charge for RCT treatment?

Ans. Look it depends upon case, we would like to request you please consult us so that we can tell you exact fee.

Q. Is it necessary to have a capping after RCT?

Ans. Yes! It is mandatory.

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